Upper Cabinet In Entertainment Center of Coachmen Apex 215RBK With Fans Installed

Getting Cool Air To The “Bedroom” in an Coachmen Apex 215RBK

We’re really happy with our Coachmen Apex 215RBK but there are a few design flaws. Early this summer we discovered one of the biggest.
Almost no cold air from the AC gets past the entertainment center into the bedroom!!! This made for a very hot night until my wife figured out if we rotated the TV 90 degrees so it sat between our feet then the air could get through. This was a genius work around.

Propane Tanks With Padlock Closeup

Securing My Propane Tanks

I’m not particularly paranoid by nature, but the internet can sure make you that way. After reading enough posts about propane tanks being stolen, I decided to do a simple mod to secure the tanks on my 216RBK. I drilled a hole through the giant wing-nut and a matching pair through the security bar that…

Opener After Use

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

I had this bottle opener for a year before I figured out where to put it. I’m deathly afraid of putting holes in the Azdel walls. I’m probably being wimpy about it but I’m not willing to take a chance. I finally realized that I could mount it with a screw and nut right in…

Paper Towel Holder Installed In Inside Kitchen

Best Camper Paper Towel Holders

It’s amazing how many paper towels we go through on a camping trip. We put one of these holders outside and one inside. They have a “clicky” movement so the towel roll doesn’t move unless you really mean it to. This is great for dealing with road vibration. Note: I installed these with the screws…